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Let me put it that way." The MTM brand, under Moore and then-husband Grant Tinker, was responsible for an iconic run of comedies (and dramas) in the 1970s, beginning with [i]The Mary Tyler Moore Show[/i], an updating of the workplace sitcom set at a Minneapolis TV station where Mary Richards (Moore) was a news writer and producer.

Matt Weiner wrote the [i]Mad Men[/i] pilot nearly a decade before it found a home as the first scripted drama at AMC, where the series debuted in the summer of 2007 and quickly took hold of the imagination with its evocation of Madison Avenue and the country as the turbulent 1960s dawn.

[i]The Simpsons[/i] is as ineffable as American humor gets.

Among the show's landmarks (hitting 100 episodes, then 200, then 500) was the inclusion of Homer's exclamation, "Doh!

" in the [i]Oxford English Dictionary[/i] ("used to comment on a foolish or stupid action, especially one's own"). Weinberger and David Davis left MTM, formed their own company, and sold [i]Taxi[/i] to Paramount (according to TV.com, Brooks and Davis bought back the option to a [i]New York[/i] magazine article about night-shift cab drivers from MTM's Grant Tinker).

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